Achieve your fundraising goals with Donately

Achieve your fundraising goals with Donately

To hit those fundraising targets, non-profit and corporate giving teams must be savvy marketers, financial forecasters, and tenacious salespeople. And when you’re always prepping for the next fundraising drive, it’s easy to lose focus on your mission.

Donately is a fundraising platform that’s like having an extra team on standby. With support for peer-to-peer fundraising, custom donation forms, and competition-style campaigns, Donately allows you to choose the best approach for your fundraising targets.

The Donately payment platform stands out for its simplified way of making recurring donations. Donors can easily manage payments, freeing your team to focus on your organization’s mission.

Unfortunately, there’s no “off-season” for fundraising, so keeping your donors engaged and encouraging ongoing contributions is essential. Stay connected to your donors with a simple Zap (our word for automated workflows) that automatically creates or updates Mailchimp subscribers when there’s a new Donately donation. 

The challenge: Your organization relies on donations, but revenue fluctuates with the seasons.

The solution: Automatically add donors to a mailing list in Mailchimp when they donate through Donately. Maintain a steady donor pipeline with emails sent between campaigns.

Ready to try it yourself? Get started with our pre-made workflows called Zap templates. Just click on the template below, and we’ll guide you through the setup process. It only takes a few minutes.

Zap rating: Beginner

Pro tip: Don’t use Mailchimp for email marketing? No problem! Donately connects with other marketing automation tools through Zapier to keep donors invested in your mission.

This is the start of all you can do with Donately and Zapier. Zapier supports thousands of apps so that you can automate almost any task at work. Start building your Zap now with Donately, and see what you can create.

New to Zapier? It’s an automation tool that helps anyone connect apps and automate workflows—without any complicated code. Sign up for free to use this app, and many others, with Zapier.

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