App spotlight: EasyFTP | Zapier

App spotlight: EasyFTP | Zapier

If you’ve ever experienced the frustration of sending large files in an email, you know the success rate can be hit-or-miss. Cloud storage has come a long way, but what do you do when you’re about to hit your storage limit and can’t free up space? The solution is older than email: File Transfer Protocol, or FTP.

FTP lets you transfer files between computers on a network. If you remember the early days of the internet, you also know that FTP isn’t secure. That’s where EasyFTP comes in.

EasyFTP combines the old-school ease of FTP with the security and automation features we expect today. With encrypted connections, fast file transfer speeds, and team sharing, you don’t have to worry about your files landing in the wrong hands. 

Back up your files 

Here’s how EasyFTP works: You’ll create your first connection by adding the details for your FTP server, which you can usually find within the settings of your website domain. Once you’ve verified that your connection works, you can use EasyFTP to back up your cloud storage files, migrate website files to a new provider, and much more. 

Streamline file transfers: Popular EasyFTP workflows

Need to send files regularly? You can connect EasyFTP with Zapier and automate file transfers from your favorite apps.

Use Zapier’s automated workflows—called Zaps—to easily share files and streamline data transfers. Send email attachments, back up cloud storage files, or even initiate file transfers from a webhook.

Get started quickly with a few of our most popular EasyFTP workflows: 

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