App spotlight: Reply | Zapier

App spotlight: Reply | Zapier

Think of the last person who sold something to you successfully. Chances are, they won you over with their communication skills. It could’ve been their refreshing honesty or contagious enthusiasm. Communication is critical at every stage of the deal, and it begins with your outreach process.

But how do you ensure your sales outreach isn’t spammy? Reply is an AI-powered platform that automates personal outreach at scale for sales teams of all structures.

With multi-channel sequences, Reply schedules and sends targeted outreach on the platforms your prospects use most, from the phone to email to WhatsApp to LinkedIn.

Personalized outreach powered by AI and automation

Where Reply shines is how it uses AI to sell without being impersonal. In a few sentences, you can create emails with the help of AI, as well as sequences tailored for any situation.

Reply even rates how personal your message sounds, evaluating aspects like reading level, question count, and even spam words. (Prepare to be humbled.)

Reply also handles routine communication, such as booking meetings, providing extra information, and addressing common objections. 

With features like A/B testing, templates, and analytics, Reply gives you the freedom to tweak your outreach strategy for the results you want.

Sales outreach at scale: Popular Reply workflows

Communication is still a two-party effort. Connect Reply with Zapier to automate sales outreach with your favorite apps to keep communication flowing.

Use Zapier’s automated workflows—called Zaps—to schedule calls, receive alerts for new responses, and more. Your prompt communication might win over a future customer.

Get started quickly with a few of our most popular Reply workflows: 

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