4 ways to automate Klaviyo

4 ways to automate Klaviyo

Do you know that spooky, almost telepathic vibe some marketing emails give off? It’s as if you simply thought the phrase “cargo pants,” and voila—there’s a subject in your inbox. While sometimes unsettling, it’s nothing nefarious. It’s just what marketing automation and email outreach are capable of these days, thanks to platforms like Klaviyo.

Using Klaviyo to communicate with your customers can lend what may seem like clairvoyance to your email marketing outreach. But like any app, it could use a little help with playing with others. Discover how to use Zaps—Zapier’s automated workflows—to bring in new subscribers, record your data in separate spreadsheets, and connect Klaviyo with your favorite lead tools.

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To get started with a Zap template—what we call our pre-made workflows—just click on the button. It only takes a few minutes to set up. You can read more about setting up Zaps here.

Add leads and subscribers to Klaviyo from forms

Establishing a seamless data flow from your lead-capture forms to Klaviyo is essential for nurturing relationships with your audience and bolstering engagement. With automation, you can cut out the manual chore of transferring contact information, efficiently populating your Klaviyo subscriber list while giving yourself back time to focus on planning impactful email campaigns.

Whether a visitor fills out a contact form on your Squarespace site, becomes a new customer on Shopify, submits a form on Webflow, or completes a purchase on Kajabi, these workflows ensure your lead-capture form seamlessly connects with Klaviyo.

It also works with more traditional form tools like Google Forms and Jotform:

Add Klaviyo subscribers from ads

Depending on your business, you’re likely using advertising tools to generate leads from highly targeted audiences on platforms like Google and Facebook. 

If you do, sending these leads to Klaviyo is simply a matter of deciding how you want the leads to flow. For example, Facebook Lead Ads can collect lead information within the platform, meaning customers sign up for your campaign without leaving Facebook. You don’t even need a web presence here. Then, use a Zap to send new Facebook leads to Klaviyo, and you have a fully automated email marketing machine ready to rock.

Other platforms can be just as powerful. TikTok Lead Generation is making waves as an ideal workflow to turn a TikTok audience into an off-platform marketing list. Leadpages is a landing page designer and workflow machine ecosystem unto itself. So you’ll have a few options here. But no matter your pick, it’s the same destination: add that new lead as a subscriber in Klaviyo and start working that email marketing magic.

Connect Klaviyo with Google Sheets

Google Sheets is something of a circuit breaker for software automation. You can record new subscribers from Klaviyo into Google Sheets to keep tabs on every email you collect, true. But Google Sheets isn’t a dead end. Work new spreadsheet rows into sheets, and you can more easily send it to other apps. For instance, maybe a new Google Sheet row becomes a new task for a team member within Trello.

Once you’ve recorded subscribers into Google Sheets, you have a separate list you can organize, funnel, and automate. You can use this list to categorize customers by specific triggers, turning a massive audience into a list of customer segments. This helps you write specifically crafted emails to each segment, enhancing personalization. Or you can simply keep tabs on your new emails within a separate app and never worry that you need a backup. 

The process also works in reverse—use new rows in Google Sheets to automatically add Klaviyo subscribers. Use these Zaps to automatically import over a previously-existing email list from other applications. 

Use webhooks with Klaviyo

Maybe you aren’t finding the app you want on this list, but you’re 100% certain you want Klaviyo’s automation working for you. Although Zapier connects with thousands of apps, there may be an app you need that doesn’t have a Zapier integration just yet. Fortunately, you can use Webhooks by Zapier to set up automation where you can’t find it. 

With webhooks, you can easily send information to and from Klaviyo from almost any app. Use one of these Zaps to get started:

Turn Klaviyo into your “everything” email marketing software

Are you ready to supercharge Klaviyo? Use the Zaps here to supplement your Klaviyo list, import old emails into your new system, or generate leads while you sleep via webforms, online ads, and landing pages. If everything goes according to plan, you may start making sales without noticing. 

And this is just the start of what you can do with Klaviyo and Zapier. What will you automate first?

This article was originally published in January 2022, written by Ana Gotter. It was most recently updated by Daniel Kenitz in October 2023.

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