Create custom versions of ChatGPT with OpenAI and Zapier

Create custom versions of ChatGPT with OpenAI and Zapier

At Zapier, we’re pretty enthusiastic about using AI and automation together to help businesses make more of an impact. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce AI Actions by Zapier, a handy addition to GPTs by OpenAI.  

The combination of the two allows you to build a custom GPT directly in ChatGPT that also pulls in the power of Zapier’s 6,000+ apps. That means you and your team members, partners, and customers can automate and streamline business-critical workflows in a brand-new way. You can also bring the same power directly into Zapier with OpenAI’s new Assistants API.

Let’s dive in.  

GPTs by OpenAI: Creating custom versions of ChatGPT

GPTs are OpenAI’s first step toward allowing users and companies at large to build their own AI assistants—directly within ChatGPT’s interface. You can create a fully customized version of ChatGPT that’s perfectly tailored to your own product or company. 

Building a custom GPT is currently only available to ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise users. 

While GPTs must use one of ChatGPT’s two models (GPT-3.5 or GPT-4), you get control over:

  • Behavior: You can give it a detailed set of instructions to guide its answers.

  • Knowledge base: You can add your own company files for the AI to draw information from.

  • Capabilities: You can use either OpenAI’s existing capabilities (like DALL·E, Browse with Bing, or Data Analysis) or your custom capabilities (other actions the AI can perform).

Instructions and tool selection when using AI Actions with GPTs

GPTs are more customizable than the original ChatGPT plugins—plus they can leverage OpenAI’s tools and be shared with other users.

Now imagine building a custom GPT with all of these neat features—and that also has access to your favorite apps. 

Introducing: AI Actions by Zapier  

AI Actions by Zapier is a feature that you can use to get the power of Zapier’s 6,000+ apps directly in your custom GPT. 

That means you can create automated, intelligent, and connected personal assistants that can streamline workflows (with more than 20,000 actions) across your whole tech stack. Think of it as a way to unlock countless automation opportunities across apps like Slack, Google Calendar, Notion, and more—all directly within ChatGPT’s interface.  

You can even pair your custom Zapier-powered GPT with OpenAI’s other capabilities (like DALL​​·E or Browse with Bing) to automate certain actions—and move data across your apps.  

For example, you could build a Google Calendar assistant that helps you manage your schedule. It could search for a specific event in your calendar—then add extra details about meeting attendees or public events by pulling that information from LinkedIn. 

A calendar assistant in the ChatGPT interface

Or you could build a CRM assistant that helps your sales teams update HubSpot contacts on the go with your own company data or by searching for company details online. And, because every GPT is shareable, you can collaborate with your team members and even your clients, helping you evolve your workflows as you go. 

Publishing a GPT assistant so anyone can use it

Want to see it in action? Check out the Calendar GPT as seen in the OpenAI demo, or try the Automation Consultant GPT, which offers users advice on automation, recommends specific workflows, and can even set up a Zap for you in the Zap Editor.

A screenshot of Zapier's Automation Consultant in the ChatGPT interface

Bring the power of GPTs into your Zaps

If you want the same functionality of GPTs by OpenAI but directly within your Zaps, you’re in luck. OpenAI’s new Assistants API—incorporated into Zapier’s ChatGPT integration—brings ChatGPT functionality you’ve come to love, including Code Interpreter and Retrieval. It comes with five actions:

This means you can write and execute code, analyze data on CSVs, and even get questions answered based on your documents—straight from your Zaps.

Where do I start?

  • If you want to build a custom version of ChatGPT that has access to 20,000+ searches and actions from Zapier, use GPTs on with the Assistants API functionality.

  • If you want to use this same intelligence in a recurring workflow on Zapier, use Zapier’s ChatGPT integration with the Assistants API functionality.

Happy building!

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