New and noteworthy apps: December 2023

New and noteworthy apps: December 2023


We’re closing out 2023 with a handful of new AI integrations, plus new actions for Facebook Custom Audiences and OpenAI. 

Here’s the latest Zapier integration news for December:

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Updated integrations

New app integrations: Fundraise Up, Cody, Financial Cents, Deal Buzzer, Easy Broker, Slite, Datacruit ATS, Vext, InsurGrid, and Gryffin.

Facebook Custom Audiences

Good news, ad managers: Facebook Custom Audiences has a new Remove Email From Custom Audience action, so you can retarget ads with precision to get the most out of your ad spend.

OpenAI (GPT-3, DALL-E, Whisper)

Text-to-speech is here! OpenAI’s new Convert Text to Speech action generates an audio file from text. Unlock new ways to use text-to-speech capabilities with automation and AI.


Plan for last-minute attendee changes faster with Eventbrite’s new Updated Attendee trigger. Automate follow-ups for specific registration and keep attendees engaged before your event.

Google Contacts

Our Google Contacts integration now has a New Contact trigger. Update contact lists across multiple platforms, send outreach to new contacts, and keep communication flowing.

Zoho Invoice

Level up your invoicing workflows with Zoho Invoice’s latest update. Three new triggers and two new actions support retainer invoices, customer payments, and credit notes.


Appointlet’s latest update covers your scheduling needs with five new triggers: Meeting Scheduled, Meeting Canceled, Meeting Rescheduled, Meeting Approved, and Meeting Declined. Automate follow-ups for last-minute cancellations, create agendas for scheduled calls, and come prepared for any situation.


Stay organized during busy seasons thanks to MyGadgetRepairs’ latest updates. Now, you can automate workflows from updated customer records, automatically tag projects and tasks, as well as search for existing tags.


OnePageCRM has added lead capture to their Create Contact and Update Contact actions. Automate personalized nurtures based on the lead source and level up your sales workflows.


File management is even easier with EasyFTP’s newest action, which lets you download files from an FTP server.


Copilot’s updated integration enables you to retrieve internal users and search for users by ID. Automatically keep track of internal users and improve the client experience.  


TalentLMS has added a new action that lets you remove a user from a group. Keep course groups organized as students finish lesson paths and more.

PassKit Membership

Scale your loyalty programs with PassKit Membership’s newest triggers: Pass Updated, Pass Installed, and Pass Uninstalled. Automate onboarding for new members, kick off re-engagement campaigns, and track changes in your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools.


Cobot has added a new External Booking Created trigger, letting you automate processes from bookings outside of Cobot. Plus, Cobot’s Zapier integration is now open source!

New integrations


Cody is an AI-powered assistant you can train for internal business operations using your own knowledge base. Build AI-powered assistants for internal business operations, employee onboarding, and more.

Fundraise Up

Fundraise Up is an AI-assisted giving platform that helps nonprofits engage donors and increase revenue.  

Financial Cents

Financial Cents is a project and customer management software for accounting firms.


InsurGrid is a verification platform for insurance agents to vet policy data and documents for prospective clients.


EasyBroker is a real estate platform for buyers and sellers. 


Slite is an AI-powered knowledge base that simplifies knowledge-sharing for teams.


Vext helps you build custom AI and large-language models (LLM) with your business data. 

Datacruit ATS

Datacruit ATS is a comprehensive recruitment software solution for hiring managers. 


Deal Buzzer is an employee engagement tool for celebrating and sharing team successes.


Gryffin is digital marketing software that helps companies grow organic traffic and automate digital marketing tasks.


SimplyBlast is a cloud-based SMS marketing and communication platform for schools, businesses, and governments.

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