New and noteworthy apps: September 2023

New and noteworthy apps: September 2023


Explore new ways to automate your work and feel like a wizard, from Discord’s newest action to our new Google MakerSuite integration. Here’s the latest Zapier integration news for September.

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Updated integrations


Airtable power users will love the latest update to our integration. Add the new Create or Update Record action after a search step and prevent duplicate records in your important Airtable bases.


It’s finally here: Community management is even easier with Discord’s Send Direct Message action. Automate welcome messages, auto-moderation notifications, and more.

Microsoft SharePoint

You’ll be automating all the things in Microsoft SharePoint with our newest triggers: New File and Updated File. Keep your team updated by automating alerts, creating backups, and kicking off other processes from SharePoint files.


Breathe easy, developers: GitLab has a New Job Event trigger so that you can monitor job progress, status changes, and even kick off other processes from specific job events. Streamline the development process so you can focus on shipping.


Get a head start on analysis with ChatGPT’s newest actions: Classify Text and Analyze Text Sentiment. Automatically categorize customer feedback, assess sentiment in customer feedback, and tackle large-scale analyses more efficiently.

OpenAI (GPT-3, DALL·E, Whisper)

Gain valuable insights faster with OpenAI‘s new action, Analyze Text Sentiment. Create workflows that follow up on qualitative feedback and turn insights into results.


Apify’s new Run Actor action makes integrating web scrapers in your workflows even easier. Feed AI models, populate spreadsheets, or wherever else you need to use scraped data.


Appcues‘ new Update Group Profile action makes it easier to track product usage across different user segments. Update group profiles as you gain insights and build better product experiences.


Parsio’s newest action lets you automatically import documents into a mailbox for parsing. Extract the important info you need from file attachments, cloud documents, and even text so you don’t have to dig through the email abyss.


Sales teams can stay on top of customer changes faster with Act!’s new Contact Updated trigger.

Freshsales Suite

You can now trigger Zaps from updated Freshsales Suite contacts so you can keep customer relationships fresh. (Pun intended.)


With Copilot’s new search action, Find a Message Channel, you can automatically search for existing channels first before sending a message. Streamline client conversations for a better customer experience.  


Fundraising events are now much easier to manage with Donorbox’s newest triggers. Start Zaps from new or updated event tickets and new or updated ticket transactions. Keep track of RSVPs, progress on fundraising goals, and much more.  


Linear has a new Project Updates trigger, so you can automate project management processes and keep your work on track. And a bonus: the New Issue and Updated Issue triggers now support project milestones!


You asked, HoneyBook delivered: Now there’s a Create Project action, so you can automatically create new projects from signed proposals, scheduled calls, and much more. 


Maintain a steady flow of new clients with recent updates to our Intaker integration. Now, you can trigger Zaps from new notes and SMS messages received to qualify leads faster.


Stay organized and scale your business with Workiz’s New Job trigger. Create Zaps that automatically send confirmation messages to new customers, create contracts, and tackle service jobs more efficiently.

New integrations

App logos for Google MakerSuite, Azure Active Directory, Telegram, Zoho Calendar, Assembly, Folio, Syncly, WebinarFuel, CiviCRM, and Sutra.

Azure Active Directory

Azure Active Directory is an enterprise identity service for security-conscious businesses. Safeguard your critical data with single sign-on, multifactor authentication, and conditional app access.

Google MakerSuite

Create generative AI prototypes with Google’s PaLM model—no machine-learning expertise required. 


Telegram is a cloud-based, global instant messaging app that lets you send encrypted messages and handles voice and video calls.

Zoho Calendar

Zoho Calendar allows seamless appointment scheduling and calendar management for your entire team.


Assembly is a workplace engagement platform built for knowledge sharing, communication, and employee recognition.


CiviCRM is an open-source customer relationship management (CRM) tool for nonprofit groups and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). 


Folio is an interactive demo creation tool for product marketers, sales, and customer success teams.


Syncly is an AI-powered customer insights tool that categorizes, analyzes, and tracks feedback for better decision-making.


Sutra is a social learning platform that lets you build courses and memberships focusing on meaningful connections.


Ringover is a cloud-based call center software for businesses with text, chat, and video support.


WebinarFuel is an automated webinar platform designed to mimic the live webinar experience. 

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