The Best Boxed Cake Mixes, Tested & Ranked

The Best Boxed Cake Mixes, Tested & Ranked



Here’s how it broke down:

Taste: 2

Texture: 2

Moistness: 2.7

Personally, I found it was lacking that signature sweetness from a yellow cake. Not that I love it when they’re overly sweet, but this one just fell flat flavor-wise. As Sarah put it: “Dry, crumble-y (and not in a good way), and bland. When I took the first bite, I said, ‘Hmmm…’ and pushed my plate away.” Can confirm, this did happen. If you’re a huge fan of angel food cake, you might be pretty happy with this one, but if you’re looking for that classic yellow cake flavor, Jiffy will likely be a miss.

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